The Most Powerful Interview ever

I’ve watched lots of interviews with a variety of health experts. This is the most powerful I’ve ever seen and is a must watch. It’s reminiscent of the recent film Dark Waters. The compassion of Dr. O’Bryan reaches out of the screen. I know in my gut and my heart the truth of what he talks about. I am not clever enough to say I would understand all the science but I have done a lot reading around this subject and the same themes keep coming up which are to take responsibility for making your personal internal and external environment as clean as you reasonably can, because the cumulative effects of the toxins we are exposed to impact our health and wellbeing. If you don’t feel the effects today you will do in the following decades and it becomes harder and harder to turn back the clock. Importantly, anything you do to improve your own personal wellbeing inevitably has a positive effect on others and the planet as a whole. Please contact me if you want more details on how to go about this.