Hello, I’m Tina of TLR Therapy.

Are you struggling with a chronic condition, fatigue, burnout or a lack of energy?
Unfortunately I know how this feels.

I’ve been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years, but after being given a diagnosis of ME (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) it became apparent that mainstream medicine was limited in the help it could offer me. I therefore set about discovering my own path to health and wellbeing using the latest evidence and my professional and personal experience.

Most therapists have a natural bias as to the “root cause” of fatigue and chronic conditions such as nutritional issues, blocked energy, a virus, trapped trauma or thyroid and adrenal dysfunction. However, I believe these complex conditions are multifactorial and my approach reflects this.

The emerging science of epigenetics supports the powerful use of lifestyle as medicine. Working together collaboratively we will consider all aspects of your life such as sleep, nutrition, physical, emotional and environmental stressors. I will then guide and support you to take the steps you need to significantly improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

To find out more and see how I can help you please contact me to arrange for a free initial consultation. Telephone 07534949997 or email